A Warm Welcome to our New Website

By August 3, 2015General

This is our first blog post as a company and as the title implies it is also a welcome to our new website.

In a designer’s point of view (I am not the designer here) and as a new digital company we were pleased with our previous site. As our portfolio is growing, and more digital products are developed it is hard to add, maintain and demonstrate them through landing pages without a content management system.

The previous site had pure HTML and CSS and didn’t implement any CMS on its backend. Also, it was not very mobile friendly though it displayed quite well on mobile devices. You can check it in our portfolio here.

Our new website implements WordPress on its backend, as most of our clients sites do, so it’s easier to manage its content and have the proper responsiveness to mobile devices various displays.

I welcome you once more to browse Zero Point Developers new site.